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Ardtara Country House Brand Design

August 25, 2018
ardtara country house brand

Communicating luxury, hospitality, and Irish Industrial Heritage.

Ardtara is a Restaurant and Hotel based in a historic country house in Northern Ireland. The house was built in 1895 by Harry Jackson Clark of the world-famous Clark linen family, and the entire area is important for historians studying Irish industrial & linen heritage.

It was taken over by the team behind the successful Browns Restaurants in 2015, with an ambition to put the house on the map for culinary excellence and hospitality. It has since won numerous awards and is featured in the prestigious Ireland Blue Book guide for historical houses.

We began working with them in 2018, delivering a complete brand strategy & repositioning that carefully aligns them with the past, while exceeding the expectations of modern hospitality customers.

Visit the Ardtara Hotel website.

ardtara country house brand
Ardtara country house from the sky
Ardtara country house photo from 1898
Ardtara country house photo from 1950s
Ardtara country house photo from 1898
ardtara country house menu cover
ardtara country house wedding book

Communicating the importance of the linen industry in Ireland.

It is rare to work with a client with a well-documented history ready to go, so the Ardtara team’s depth of knowledge and access to a wealth of information on the building itself, and each generation of custodians was a treat.

The history of Ardtara and the Clark family is an incredible story, which had a huge bearing on the new brand design. Clark Linen is one of the longest-running companies in the world and is credited with bringing industrial linen beetling engines to Ireland. The new logo pays homage to these machines. The machines that enabled the family to finance the house.

ardtara country house history book
ardtara country house brand stationery