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Explanation of the meaning behind the Examen name. Text reads "Examen - not just a test. This is a comprehensive examination of you individual sperm's DNA health. Encouraging men to step up and see their role in fertility problems."
Examen Lab
Strategic Brand Transformation

A new name for a medical diagnostics firm working in the field of male reproductive health. The new company name needed to be obvious and unavoidable for those who needed it. For everyone else, it should be discreet and fade into the background. Examen is Not just a test. This is a comprehensive examination of your individual sperm’s DNA health. Encouraging men to step up and see their role in fertility problems.

Examen Naming Project
Explanation of the meaning behind the Hark name. Text reads "Hark. A quick way to manage your career."
Hark HR Software
Product Commercialisation

Hark is a new HR application which allows HR professionals within organisations to manage every aspect of their large teams. It also allows individual staff members to 'Self Serve' requests and take control of their careers. Hark stands for an exclamation: "Just shout when you need something". It is a fun, informal name for Employees to use, but it still has gravitas for the management teams and C-Suite Decision Makers.

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Explanation of the meaning behind the GetGot name. Text reads "GetGot. Say hi to your new career. It's time to GetGot."
GetGot Jobs
Product Commercialisation

GetGot is a portal for job seekers to find and apply for vacancies direct to the employer. No recruitment agencies are allowed. For employers, it is a place to advertise their vacancies. But behind the scenes, our clients Hallmark Solutions have created an integrated recruitment hub and HR management system. They needed a catchy B2C & B2B name for the service, which would be easy to remember and drive traffic. It needed to be Trademarked, and the URL needed to be short and catchy. Our solution was GetGot, with all their messaging based around the core brand position of “When you are ready to get hired, GetGot”. The concept was that members of the public would say they “got hired” and “got the job” while the employers are delighted to get suitable applicants.

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Explanation of the meaning behind the ontabletop name. Text reads "the expanded community will cover everything to do with the hobby. Every game, reviewed. Every event, attended. If it's happening on tabletop, its there, on the site."
Strategic Brand Transformation

OnTableTop is the new name for Beasts Of War, a community website for boardgames. Since 2011 they have been carving out an impressive and loyal following, numbering over 160k likes on Facebook and over 70k subscribers on YouTube. At the time of the transition, they were one of the top 3 websites, globally, for their niche. The team had seen their industry grow in popularity and visibility as boardgaming became a hobby for a much broader demographic. Game makers have adapted to design products more attractive to a diverse audience. Beasts Of War’s name, while extremely popular with the wargaming set, started to limit the scope of their ambitions. We worked with the team to rename and reposition the entire company as a leader in global boardgaming media. Beasts Of War will remain a core segment of their site, but the new OnTableTop name and brand sets them up for almost limitless growth.

OnTableTop on YouTube
we invent brand naming theme. Text reads "We Invent. Together we can bring your invention to life."
we invent
Deliver Internal Projects

we invent is a new sub-brand for the Queen's University Commercialisation department. We worked with their team to create a persuasive new brand identity that would capture the imaginations of Entrepreneurs within the Research school in the university. Having worked with numerous successful spinout companies (see Univ8, Examen, Bia Analytical) we were uniquely placed to develop the new brand. we invent came from the overall Brand theme: "Together, we can bring your invention to life".

Women's Platform brand naming theme. Text reads "Women's Platform. Looking forward, and creating powerful momentum for the future of women's rights."
Women's Platform
Strategic Brand Transformation

Women's Platform, previously known as Northern Ireland Women's European Platform, went through our strategic brand transformation process to secure the organisation's future, clarify its role, and engage more effectively. Participants in our strategy sessions expressed their desire for the organisation to modernise and the need to remove the word "European" from the name. They wanted the new brand to become more ‘accessible’, ‘innovative’, ‘fun’, ‘inclusive’, and ‘influential’. The new name and brand visual design is a powerful, active statement of intent. They are a platform to fight for women’s rights in Northern Ireland. Representing Women. Advancing Equality. Supporting Action.

Women’s Platform Project

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