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Kilkeel Harbour Works Name & Brand

November 20, 2014
Kilkeel Harbour Works Logo

A brand informed by industry and by the landscape.

The Kilkeel Harbour Collaborative Network is a pressure group formed by 16 industrial maritime businesses, located where the Mourne Mountains meet the Irish Sea. They required a more evocative name and a professional brand to confidently and proudly stand together and ask the government for long-term redevelopment support.

The goal was for a single centralised brand which would elevate every business equally and also cross-promote the range of services available, positioning Kilkeel as a premium, unique area for industrial maritime clients.

The brand mark is based on the unique setting at Kilkeel, with high mountains to one side and the forceful Irish Sea waves to the other. The mark references sailing flags, navigation data and the warehouses surrounding the port in a simple, powerful shape.

Kilkeel Harbour Works Logo
Mechanic wearing safety goggle and mask, working on heavy machinery with Kilkeel Harbour Works Logo overlayed.
Kilkeel Harbour Works Website and brochure