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New Brand Transformation Client: Community Places

May 1, 2023
Rural scene in Ireland with two cows grazing in a green field.

Community Places was established in 1984 as a charity and not-for-profit social enterprise dealing with Planning Advice and Community Engagement.

Community Places have expertise in a number of key areas, including spatial planning advice, community engagement, participatory budgeting and community planning. They are a small team with big ambitions and a diverse audience, working across the public, community and voluntary sectors.

Their mission is: “To empower disadvantaged and marginalised communities and further sustainable development and wellbeing by providing planning advice and supporting and developing community engagement in spatial and community planning.”

They came to us seeking help to develop a new brand and website to bring their mission, values and commitments and services to life. We expanded the remit into a complete Strategic Brand Transformation Project, covering all aspects of visual communications.

Visit the Community Places website.