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New Branding Design Client: Bia Analytical

October 2, 2022
Scientist working with graphing tool in a white lab setting.

Bia Analytical is a leading UK food authentication testing laboratory set up to address concerns about economically motivated adulteration.

Their specialist scientists and engineers have developed industry-leading, cutting-edge methods to detect substitution or food adulteration across the supply chain. They focus on developing methods to detect adulteration in high-value or high-volume commodities such as herbs, spices, rice and oils. To do this, they have developed software which allows manufacturers or retailers to check on location rather than sending samples for testing.

They came to us needing a new brand identity to help them stand out from the competition and promote their innovative services. Through our Strategic Brand Transformation project, we aim to position them as an innovative, agile food testing business, building tools which are the future of food authentication.

Visit Bia Analytical’s website.