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Success Story: Sonorities Music Festival

November 27, 2022
Apple monitor displaying a page from the 2022 Sonorities Festival

Success Story: In 2021, we started working with the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), a part of the Queen's University Belfast School of Arts, English & Languages.

We worked with their Festival Director, Paul Stapleton, to develop the festival’s first long-term Brand and rollout onto a website promoting their 2022 festival. Since then, we have been planning, expanding and building a long-term website strategy to set them up with a platform to archive each previous festival and promote every future one.

SARC contains the most advanced music venue in Ireland, The Sonic Lab. It is a globally-renowned centre for interdisciplinary research in music and sound, which brings together researchers focusing on contemporary practices, historical research, audio engineering and psychology. What is performed at the festival is proudly discordant, ground-breaking and fearless. They are clear that the festival may not be “for” everyone.

The festival Brand Ethos is: “You might not like it”.

Client Testimonial

Paul was kind enough to sum up his experience working with our team:

“Bag of Bees tackled the challenge of branding our unruly music festival with the utmost creativity and sensitivity to our ethos. I am not alone in being delighted with the results of this collaboration. Our festival artists and audience members alike have consistently praised the glitchy, synthetic yet also somehow organic look and feel of our new website and promotional materials.

This was not a trivial task, but the combined expertise and artistry of Laura, Barrie and David made this a joyous process. Their attention to detail and ability to think outside the box, both in terms of visual aesthetics and how to organise complex sets of information, culminated in a website which is both easy to navigate and exciting to explore.

Bag of Bees’ design for Sonorities truly mirrors our desire to search for beauty in the chaos. If you are looking for a branding and web design team who care deeply about the ambitions of their clients and have the skill to deliver, you are unlikely to find better than Bag of Bees.”

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Large A0 poster advertising the 2022 Sonorities Festival, handing on a grey brick wall.
A decorated window with a vinyl covering of the Sonorities Festival 2022 brand mark.