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Behind The Design: The PILS Project Brand Visual

June 13, 2023
The PILS Project logo on dark background.

A look at the idea behind our recent Brand Transformation project for The PILS Project.

The PILS Project are Northern Ireland’s first and only legal project dedicated to helping NGOs and legal professionals to build life-changing cases that create positive impact.

Our strategic branding approach means focusing on ideas and problem-solving before working on the visual style. For some clients, understanding what they do is a relatively straightforward task. For others, it requires digging deep into complex and very specialist information…

The PILS Project stands for ‘Public Interest Litigation Support’ which is a legal action that is taken on a human rights or equality issue of broad public concern.

We worked with their passionate and busy small team to deliver a Strategic Brand Transformation marking their 10th anniversary. Our primary objective was to learn about the project’s goals and how their work has already impacted real life. We could then tell this story clearly and concisely to members of the general public with no legal expertise, as well as looking fresh, modern and memorable.

In their brand visual, two triangles fit together to create a timeline showing the life cycle of a public interest legal issue. PILS can help bring issues that were previously below the radar (the red triangle) out into the open (the green one).

Since the brand project, we have gone on to rethink and rebuild their website and will continue to support them at every opportunity. We will share some more brand visuals here in the coming weeks and months.

See the full PILS Project case study here.
Visit the PILS Project website.

PILS Project - Behind the Design
Sketch of the meaning behind The PILS Project logo
Diagram of the meaning behind The PILS Project logo
The PILS Project logo mark on white background.
The PILS Project logo on a white background.
Testimonial from Emma Cassidy, Senior Engagement Lead at The PILS Project.

“Bag of Bees have been a dream partner for PILS over the years. They completely rejuvenated our organisation’s visual identity. Starting with our logo and branding in 2019, Barrie, David and Lewis found a creative, clear way to explain why our public interest litigation work really matters.”

Thanks to the PILS team, their members, and everyone working behind the scenes who helped bring this job to life, particularly Emma Cassidy, for bravely attempting to explain legal workflows to a team of designers.

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