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A new brand name for a medical diagnostics firm in the field of male reproductive health.

Examen are a medical diagnostics company specialising in male reproductive health. Their product analyses sperm down to the DNA and produces an actionable report which can make all the difference for couples having trouble getting pregnant or suffering repeated unexplained miscarriages. They are a spinout Commercialisation company from Queen’s University Belfast – QUBIS.

We worked with them over several busy months to complete a Strategic Brand Transformation and Website Development.

Visit The Examen Website.

Examen logo on white background.
White Examen logo on green background with gradient.

Brand Naming

Examen is the new name for SpermComet. The old name caused them untold amounts of problems, both with the customer’s embarrassment at such a blunt name but also because their emails and website were being blocked by search engines and mail software.

The new company name should be obvious and unavoidable for those who need it. For everyone else, it should be discreet and fade into the background. The opposite of SpermComet.


Not just a test. This is a comprehensive examination of your individual sperm’s DNA health. Encouraging men to step up and see their role in fertility problems.

Information leaflets from Examen.
3d computer render of DNA helix.

A discreet and clever name and brand to reassure customers.

The Brand Visual Identity is designed from a broken strand of DNA, the very thing their product identifies. The logo is an obvious touchpoint for customers and people who know the company but is a discreet “science-ey” styled brand for everyone else.

Examen stationary set.
Examen Lab test packaging.

Examen Instructions leaflet

Examen branded brown mailing envelopes.

Website Design

Building a scientific website as a strategic brand expression.

As part of their extensive renaming & rebranding project with us, they needed to rethink their website and build an informative, authoritative source of information. The new site would allow customers to buy the test online and reassure them by clearly expressing their new brand.

Visit Examen.

Examen website on a large Apple desktop monitor.
iPad and iPhone showing the Examen website.

Client Comments

The whole team listened attentively to us, drilled down to the core of our business by asking lots of questions until they attained a depth of complicated medical knowledge and then promptly delivered a name, brand & website that exceeded our expectations. When we think ‘Bag of Bees’, words like ‘professional, innovative, dedicated, flexible, adaptable, patient with website dummies, responsive and communicative’ come to mind.

Sheena Lewis | CEO | Examen

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