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RMI Architects

Brand and website design for established commercial architects.

Respond. Make. Inspire.

RMI Architects were formed in 1963 and have been one of the top architectural studios in Northern Ireland ever since. They had a legacy of developing key projects in Northern Ireland’s post-troubles era, including landmarks like the Waterfront Hall, but since recovering from 2008’s global financial crisis they had fallen from visibility.

The brand needed to be updated to reflect an internal change in management and to build a renewed, positive momentum. We worked with the entire architectural studio to develop a brand vision they could all be proud to get behind.

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RMI Architects Brand
RMI Architects stationary set.
White hardhat with RMI Architects logo printed on front.

Changing the meaning of a name, rather than changing a name.

The trading name ‘Robinson McIlwaine’ and the shortened ‘RMI’ had lost their meaning since the retirement of the company founders.

We developed a brand language built around the idea of RMI as an acronym for other inspiring architectural words. The core brand statement is now ‘Respond. Make. Inspire’, but there is an expanded set for use on other brand touchpoints, such as on Tenders or when presenting their proposals to clients.

RMI Architects brochure design.
RMI Architects brochure design.
Large office window with RMI Architects logo printed vertically in cut vinyl.
Architectural plans with branded, red RMI Architects wrapper.

Putting the company’s experience front and centre.

The RMI Architect brand is now strong, permanent and something to look up to, inspiring both confidence and creativity. Rather than hide the “EST.” date we included it on a modern-feeling logo. A clear statement of experience and longevity, which few of their competitors are able to claim.

An RMI Architects hard backed booklet sits on a mid-century office chair.

RMI Architects
Website Design

An ambitious website showcasing 50 years of Architectural excellence.

RMI Architects have been one of the top architecture studios in Northern Ireland since 1963. They were responsible for some of the key projects in Northern Ireland’s post-troubles development, including landmarks like the Waterfront Hall.

After our work on their brand visual design, we were invited to develop a showcase website and help relaunch the company with a positive, forward-looking vision.

Visit RMI Architects.

iPad and iPhone with RMI Architects website on screens.
iPad showing RMI Architects website on screen.
iPhone with RMI Architects homepage on screen.

Architecture is interesting at every phase of the building’s development.

Large-scale architecture projects typically take 5 years to work through the practice, so the new RMI Architects website has been designed to reveal new information and exciting details about projects over time, rather than wait until completion. The CMS allows project information to be added at three key milestones, Drawing Board, On-Site and Complete, so that project pages can grow and evolve with the structures, with each page becoming an advanced communication tool. Visitors can see how much work RMI have already completed at a glance and see what’s still to come.

iPad showing a page from the RMI Architects website.

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